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              Calcium ammonium nitrate

               Calcium ammonium nitrate, molecular formula 5Ca(NO3)2 .NH4NO3 .10H2O, relative formula weight is 1080.71

              white round prilling and is soluble in water.

              It is high efficient composite fertilizer containing of nitrogenous and quick-acting calcium. It can be used to improve soil. For the planting of economic plants, it can prolong flowering phase to guarantee fruit color and increase fruit sugars. It is high efficient environment protective fertilizer.



              Index name Unit Standard values
              calcium nitrate %≥ 76
              ammonium nitrate % 6-10
              crystal water % 12-16
              nitrate nitrogen % 14.0-14.4
              ammonium nitrogen % 1.1-1.3
              calcium oxide %≥ 25.5
              water insoluble %≤ 0.01
              Ferrum %≤ 0.005
              nitrogen %≤ 0.02
              phosphate radical %≤ 0.05
              PH range   5.6-6.8
              granularity   2-4mm 4-7mm


              Outer textile bag or paper-plastic compound bag, net weight25/50/500/1000KG.

              Be stored in seal, cool and dry warehouse to avoid moisture. In transportation, pay attention to rain and direct sunshine.