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              Calcium nitrate

              Calcium nitrate, molecular formula (NO3)2 .4H2O3, relative molecular weight is236.15

              Colorless transparent monoclinic crystal; easily soluble in water, alcohol and carbinoll; easily deliquesce in air. It is also a king of oxidant and explosive contact with organic material and sulphur releasing red flame.
              It is used as flocculant of rubber liquid, as accelerant of sewage treatment and hardening of cement in petroleum exploratory well, as efficient fertilizer in agriculture, as material in the production of fireworks and etc. in addition, it is raw material in the production of other nitrates.

              ●Specification: Q/142323JSH001-2003



              Index name Unit industrial grade agriculgural grade
              Ca (NO3)2 .4H2O %≥ 99 -
              total N %≥ - 11.0
              CaO %≥ - 23.0
              water insoluble %≤ 0.01 0.01
              PH range   4.5-6.5 4.5-6.5

              Outer textile bag or paper-plastic compound bag, inner plastic bag, net weight 25/50/1000KG.

              It should be stored in ventilated and dry warehouse to avoid moisture. It should be away from acid materials, orgainc materials.. In transportation process, pay attention to rain to guarantee the package is not damaged and polluted. Be careful when handling put down. Please use water, soil to put out fire.
              Operator should wear work cloths, respirator and latex gloves. Please use water, soil and various types of fire extinguisher to put out fire. And should prevent its aqueous solution from contact with flammable goods.