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              Ammonium chloride

              Ammonium chloride; molecular formula: NH4Cl; relative molecular weight: 53.49

              Colorless cubic crystal or white crystal; salted cool and light bitter smell; relative density: 1.527; sublimating at 350℃; boiling point is 520℃; Easy soluble in water, soluble in liquid ammonia, light soluble in alcohol, insoluble in acetone and diethyl ether; volatilizing at 100℃ and breaking up into ammonia and hydrogen chloride and combing into small crystal ammonium chloride in smoke; aqueous solution is acid and has corrosion on black metal and other metal, especially on copper; but has no corrosion on cast iron.
              It is mainly used for mineral separation, tanning and fertilizer. It is also used as dyeing auxiliary, electroplating bath additive, welding solution. The product is widely used in pharmaceutical, precision casting industry and etc.

              agriculture grade:

              Index name Unit Dry basis Wet basis
              Nitrogen content %≥ 22.5 22.5
              Moisture %≤ 1.00 6.00
              Hydroxide %≥ 3.00 3.00

              Outer textile bag, inner plastic bag, net weight25/50KG.

              It should be stored in cool, ventilated and dry warehouse to avoid moisture. It should be away from acid and alkaline materials. In transportation process, pay attention to rain and direct sunshine. Be careful when handling put down. Please use water, soil and carbon dioxide extinguisher to put out fire.
              Do not contact with skin. Permitted smog consistence of it in air is 10g/m³. Operator should wear work cloths, respirator and latex gloves. The product should be preserved sealed.