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              Sodium nitrite

              Sodium nitrite, molecular formula NaNO2,relative molecular eight is 69.
              white or light yellow cystal, soluble in water and deliquesces in air.
              It is used to produce nitrocompound, azo dyes material or mordant, decolorizer, metal heating treating agent, early strength agent and freeze proof agent.

              ●Specification: GB2367-2006



              Index name Unit first class qualified
              sodium nitrite %≥ 98.50 98
              sodium nitrate %≤ 1.00 1.90
              chloride(in NaCl-) %≤ 0.17 -
              water insoluble %≤ 0.06 0.10
              moisture %≤ 2.00 2.50
              performance   white white

              Outer woven bag , inner plastic bag, net weight 25/50KG.


              It should be stored in ventilated and dry warehouse to avoid moisture. In transportation, pay attention to rainfall.


              Operator should wear respirator to avoid dust inhalation to protect respiratory apparatus and wear latex gloves and work cloth to protect skin.